Careers in Foreign Language

language school Switzerland

The advancement in science and technology has turned the world into a global village where there are less communication barriers than ever before. In this scenario, knowing a foreign language gives rise to a lot of opportunities among various sectors. It is a potent skill that gives you an edge over other individuals with similar credentials. Let us take a look on how learning a foreign language opens the door to a successful career in different fields.

The Government Organisation

The Government organisations welcome foreign language speakers who are proficient in one or two foreign languages to join the Foreign Service. The job profile demands an individual to liaise with nationals from other countries, listen and translate important reports in foreign languages, and work in embassies abroad.  An inclusion of a foreign language in your profile can significantly enhance your ranking in the list of eligible applicants.

The International Organisations

The international organisations like the United Nations, the Red Cross, or the World Health Organization will always need individuals who are foreign language speakers in a range of administrative and management functions. People who are proficient in international languages like English, French, Spanish, and Chinese are apt for such organizations that operate globally.

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry

People with foreign language skills are most sought after in the type of industry which deals with a large number of foreign clients on a daily basis. By having employees who are competent in foreign language helps they offer good customer service.

Education Sector

The growing interest in learning a foreign language has created a demand for foreign language teachers across the globe. Schools offering courses in foreign languages such as French language courses or Spanish language courses need teachers to teach individuals from all age groups. Some teachers also gain additional qualifications for better career prospects.

Learning a foreign language can facilitate the options towards career advancement in recent times.


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